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ZEOvit® System & products

Located in the beautiful south of Germany – in Bavaria – we work as Germany’s and Europe’s biggest coral farm and coral retail and wholesale outlet on the successful keeping and reproduction of corals.

We invested in the future of reef aquaristics and built a big coral tank system with thousands of corals, where we breed interesting species by ourselves as well as we import from coral farms worldwide.

The complete ZEOvit® system with all the products of are the result of our practical experience with corals of all kind. We provide effective products and technical equipment that allows to practice reef aquaristics simply and successfully. When purchasing products you will receive highly concentrated quality products, used in long-term tests with very positive effect on all kind of corals, also the most sensitive corals.

Each single product was developed to make it easy to keep your corals brillant and colorful and to achive good and healthy growth with natural appearance and polyps. Our products are dosed in permanent use or if required successfully in our test tank, show tank as well as in our complete tank system.

We are happy to be one of little breeders who are able to breed colored stony corals for more than 20 years in stable quality.

All of our products are made and developed exclusively by us and are not distributed by any other company or ander any other names. All products are made in directly and locally in our company.

The development of the system is based on practical tests and users experiences. A practically developed original, based on manifold experiences is without any comparison to a theoretical copy of the original. Take care of getting the original packaging of

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. We would be pleased to be at your disposal.

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