Expédition et livraison

Shipment & Delivery
Korallen-Zucht.de will send the ordered products to the adress given by the customer in the order promptly. Korallen-Zucht.de is authorized to deliver in partial shipments. Information about estimated delivery date is not binding, if Korallenzucht did not confirm definite commitment in individual case to the customer. Delivery cost products + technical equipment For product deliveries within Germany freight costs are:

automatic debit transfer system: 7,00 € cash on delivery: 13,70 €advance payment: 7,00 € Delivery cost for deliveries into foreign countries differ depending to country, volume and weight and will be offered per email upon request.

Delivery cost corals We send corals only in special styrofoam boxes in special bags with extra water and extra oxygen. Damages hence are nearly impossible. The deliveries of corals are only done with special animal express service overnight. This is 22,00 € per box within Germany.

Only possible with advance payment. Delivery cost to foreign countries depend to overnight delivery possibility depending to distance. This will be checked individually and offered per email upon request.

All freight cost are incl. tax.

Combinated order corals and products

If the ordered products can be sent without any risk to damage the corals we will pack them into the coral box without separate freight cost, invoiced will be the express delivery cost for the coral box. If they have to be sent separately there will be freight cost for corals and additionally for the products as mentioned above.