Resistant Fish Concentrate

  • Fish with abscesses, wounds, mucous damages and other injuries as well as parasitical infestation:
  • Separate fish for treatment. Dose Resistant Fish 1-2 closing caps per 5 liters (according to heaviness of infestation), bath about 15-20 minutes. Then place fish back into the tank. Repeat if necessary
  • Impedes the growth of protozoa, nuisance algae, fungus and parasites.
  • Strengthens the immune system and improves growth in fish.
  • Will bind inorganic compounds such as heavy metals.
  • Will also bind organic contaminants such as microbials and decaying matter, e.g. Parasites, algae, bacteria, fungus, bird, fish, snail and worm excrement, rotting food and plant matter.
  • Mucous membranes and gills are protected from ectoparasites and fungus due to the light coating effect.
  • Supports recovery and healing of skin lesions and wounds through the anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients.
  • Will increase the growth of water plants as a side-effect of the above processes.