Iron Concentrate - new mixture

Nutrition for zooxanthellae and all color ranges of corals

For all kind of corals! Pure nutrition for zooxanthellae and all color ranges of your corals.

Indispensable in nutrient-poor tanks. In fact Iron is only available in minimal amount in saltwater, but it is permanently consumed and should be provided consistantly. Our Iron concentrate is a very special product and the effect is shown rapidly. Well suited for all kind of corals. Recommended in all tank systems.

Dosing: normal stock 1 drop/100L/25gallons per day.This can be increased or reduced, according to the individual consumption in the tank. Watch the corals carefully: when the corals react with enhanced coloration stop dosing.

The previous dosing of 1 ml/wk/50g is also possible, but we prefer the new daily supply for the corals.