Coral’s Love

Helps damaged corals immediately!

A perfect problem solver for reef aquariums: Coral's Love!

Nutrients are made available directly, especially with bleached or damaged corals, acting quickly helps with regeneration!
It also prevents nutrient deficiencies, colors are deepened, damage can heal again.
It also supports and promotes the biology in the reef aquarium.

For all kind of corals, SPS, LPS, Soft, Horn ect.

  •  Deepens coloration.
  •  Fast recovery from damage.
  •  Increasing growth rates.
  •  Prevents malnourishment.
  •  Stabilizes harmed corals.
  •  Provides nourishment to faded corals immediately.
  •  Supports and enhances biology.

Shake well before use!

Dosage: 1 ml / 100 L every other day, with problems every day