Proportioning pump iks aquastar vario blue II

The dosing pump iks Vario BLUE II (No. 2012) is specifically designed for use in aquariums. It impresses with its robust construction made of high quality components, making it especially ideal for continuous operation. Their double ball-bearing gear axle and the sprung pressure rollers ensure, among other durability of the dosing tube. Using a dial can be the flow rate controlled by a microprocessor accurately and reliably adjust. The BLUE VARIO II is the universal metering for all kinds of applications!

The Vario Blue II is manufactured in Germany and is characterized by high quality and highly durable components.

  • Application iks Vario II BLUE *
  • Replacing evaporated water
  • Refilling of lime water
  • Operation of Calcium Reactors
  • Specifications *

minutes. Flow / min 7.0 ml
max. Flow rate / hour 4,2 l
Continuous yes
Pressure 0.5 bar
Maximum power consumption 6.0 W

Please note: dosing hoses are wearing parts. The exchange is not a problem and is done in a few steps. Replacement tubes can be under item IKS2013 relate.

The BLUE VARIO II replaces the previous dosing BLUE VARIO VARIO and VARIO LP 180 MP 045