Highlight your tank!
32,28 €*
Helps damaged corals immediately!
24,90 €
Nutrition for zooxanthellae and all color ranges of corals
21,90 €
Pohl’s B-Balance contains essential minerals!
15,90 €
Coral System 1-4: vital elements and compounds for coloration,health and improved biology.
16,50 €
Color enhancement by supporting the biology!
11,50 €


This customer tank has been running with ZEOvit and Coral System 1-4 for 23 years!

Corals Video Clip

Video of the Korallenzucht sales tanks with our SPS, LPS, Softies and more!

ZEOvit® and Korallenzucht Guide Easy Reefing!

How easily and reliable can a saltwater tank run with awesome results? Have a look, the new ZEOvit® Guide Easy Reefing is ready!

Initial cycle - just 14 days?

An effective biology and some other “tricks” make it possible!

ACROPORA: without and with ZEOvit® System

A cultured Acropora from a reefer with trace element addition of a well-known company. After 5 weeks with ZEOvit®: intensive coloration and healthy and natural growth.

Problem solving

Precious help and problem solvers on natural base!


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Korallenzucht tanks

After relocation we have made a 4,5 meter show tank.
ZEOvit® Forum

The international forum for reefers: questions and answers about keeping corals and salt water fish, about products and technical equipment.

Download Center

Information to Download via PDF: ZEOvit®-Guide, Product Finder, Dosing schedule, Catalogues and Brochures about corals and Salt Water Aquaristics ...


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You want healthy corals and fish? Then you need the products from our online store!

ZEOvit® system and the range of Korallenzucht.de The developed system ZEOvit® and all our products result from our practical work with corals of all kinds. By purchasing our products you get highly concentrated quality product, which is developed and sold exclusively by us. There are ALL products mixed, produced and packaged in our home in Coburg.

Special requests? Our selection of corals currently includes approximately 8,000 pieces. The here offered in the Internet survey is only a very small selection of our range.

We are happy to fulfill your wishes. You will receive only selected high-quality copies.

These are live animals. Some corals are available in multiple numbers, however, do corals absolutely unique. Please clarify if necessary the availability in advance with us.

We containers under the best conditions to an acute water quality you will not find often worldwide. Not for nothing bought from us consumers and retailers from all over the world.

Dealers please ask for the stock list to trade license by fax +49 9562 5024321 or email info@korallen-zucht.de.

Coral and saltwater aquariums online shop

Beautiful coral and a huge selection of items to set up a saltwater aquarium Opening times of our saltwater aquarium and coral Store If you are interested in viewing our products in person for the saltwater aquarium and coral, which you can buy in our online shop, please visit us! Come for both dealers and private customers Monday to Friday in our past, we have, 7:00 - 18:00 clock, Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00 clock opened!

Our saltwater aquarium and coral business was of course inspected by all relevant government authorities. All coral imports meet the requirements of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

Origin of our coral Our coral pools and sea water aquarium plants have been built and furnished by ourselves. We cultivate hundreds of corals in our shop and can you explain the technique of saltwater aquariums accurately and offer all products to.

Certified state of our coral In our shop you maintain healthy corals. We check constantly parasites, diseases or other annoying pests such as polyps ect. , Of course, before the corals Shipping.

Help around the saltwater aquarium and coral breeding For questions such as how to do a water change of the seawater aquarium, we can help you with our guide you. Our proprietary system "ZEOvit®" will help you to make the water quality of your marine aquarium as this can be found in the wild and so your corals to get healthy and strong colors.

You are always welcome in our shop welcome. Upon further Directions You can also call like before, to ensure that we can be there for you.

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