Tunze Multi Controller 7095

N° produit:: 7095.00

TUNZE® Multicontroller 7095. Digital Controlling device for all Turbelle® Pumps with Driver 7240.26 and 7240.27. Simulates different streaming like in the ocean. Suitable for Turbelle® 7200/2, 7300/2, 7400/2, 6000, 6100, 6200. With adaptor 7094.40 also Turbelle® classic 2002, 4002 can be controlled. Multicontroller 7095 is able to regulate one up to eight Turbelle® pumps. Contains a LED-moonlight with 29 day moon phase. Also with Wavebox 6212 and the mentioned pumps usable. Clearly arranged surface, waterproof console for precise and practical usage. Pumps can be adjusted from 30% to 100%.
Delivery incl. 4 x connection cable 7092.30 and photocell.

Allows for a natural streaming regulation with up to 4 Turbelle® electronic. With Y-Adaptor 7092.34 for up to 8 Turbelle® electronic and pairwise regulation.

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* TVA incl, plusfrais de livraison