Coral Light T5 lamp 8x39W

Precious design T5 lamp made from anodized aluminum combined with satin stainless steel. Slim-Line body with replacable high gloss aluminum single reflectors. Heat dissipation by punched aluminum surface. Wire-rope attachment continuously adjustable. 3 schockproof input leads. Quality made in Germany.
Size: only 3,6 cm flat, 97×55 cm L/W. Precious design lamp, perfectly suitable for any home.

8×39 Watts. 8 Coral Light T5 tubes inclusive.

Also available in the following variants:

  • dimmable 1-10 Volt
  • dimmable GHL 2 channel
  • dimmable GHL 4 channel

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* TVA incl, plus frais de livraison
* TVA incl, plusfrais de livraison