aquaBAR150 HC+ 135cm

With the high-quality aquaBAR HighColor +, your aquarium is evenly illuminated over the entire surface. As a result, it is optically more beautifully lit and fewer shadows are formed. The corals grow better and there is no risk of punctual burns.

Made in Germany!

We carry this LED lamp because we are convinced of the quality.

Since it is a German device, an immediate and quick repair process is possible.

Items of delivery:

- 17 built-in LEDs per LED module, max. power consumption 30 watts

- a modern steel cable suspension, max 200cm long with ceiling mounting

The lamp is available in eight lengths and consists of one and up to eight LED modules.

Dimensions: 135cm x 9cm x3,4cm, 150W

Please inquire about the shipping costs beforehand.

optional accessories:

- Bracket adjustable in length and swiveling up to 30 cm, can be mounted under or on top of the aquarium or its cover.